A Lesson From noosa

Posted by RevTrax on Nov 4, 2017 1:00:00 PM

noosa is leading the yoghurt craze and pushing Greek yoghurt out of the way. Having become well established in the breakfast and dessert market, noosa looked for additional opportunities to grow their consumer base. Luckily, they’d previously built a following of devoted yoghurt lovers. Could they leverage their current fans to gain incremental awareness and trial of their product? What would a campaign like that look like?


The Campaign

As they developed the plan to grow their consumer base, noosa looked to solve the following questions:

  •  How can we get our brand in front of new audiences and drive trial of our product?
  •  How can we turn current consumers into brand ambassadors and drive social advocacy?
  •  How can we drive CRM acquisition and measure consumer engagement with our brand?
  •  How can we measure incremental lift of the program and overall campaign ROI?

 To answer the above questions, noosa developed a plan that included four parts:





By utilizing RevTrax’s abilities to capture CRM signups and subsequently mail individualized printed coupons, noosa created an engaging digital campaign known as “Best Mates” that allowed their consumers to send their best friend a free yoghurt coupon.slitp-2.jpg

The Results

This vibrant and fun digital experience, much like the brand itself, encouraged users to share the “noosa love” with their bestie. Many consumers did just that—turning this into an ongoing campaign driving incremental sales, new user acquisition, and sustained social engagement. Campaign engagement was highly attributed to a well-rounded social media presence, an active loyal consumer base, and of course the inclusion of a free coupon.

noosa activated their customers and armed them with a powerful tool to share noosa with their closest friends, basically turning a social campaign into a sampling program with high returns.  With their “golden ticket” referrals, noosa amplified brand engagement, exceeding campaign goals in site traffic, CRM signups, overall engagement, and ROI.

The “Best Mates” program was so successful that noosa expanded their use of the free, individualized, mailed coupons. There is now an additional experience for consumers who’d like to try noosa but aren’t engaged through “Best Mates”. Consumers can choose to print a lower value offer for immediate gratification or sign up to receive a free coupon in the mail. Both ongoing programs have been a huge success for noosa – driving brand engagement, product trial, and CRM signups.

The RevTrax Implemented Solutions

The RevTrax implemented solutions—CRM signup, print and mail coupons, print-at-home coupons—allow noosa the ability to engage consumers both online and offline in social advocacy, sampling, and couponing campaigns.

These solutions can be employed by other brand and marketing teams that want to use these solutions to acquire CRM opt-ins or drive sampling, trial, or advocacy programs for their products, similar to what noosa is doing. RevTrax serialized coupons (print-at-home and mailed) are also useful for companies wanting to track individual household engagement with their high-value and standard offers.

If you’re interested in using RevTrax solutions to activate your loyal customers and drive awareness, product trial, and
new customer acquisition, contact RevTrax today!

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