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Randy is the leader of the Behavioral Economics practice and the Measurements and Insights team at RevTrax. His innate ability to extract actionable shopper insights from complex data is unparalleled and he is critical in the continuing evolution of RevTrax products and services. Before RevTrax, Randy was a business strategist and corporate development professional in the New Ventures Group at Toys R Us. Randy also held a variety of key positions in the marketing and finance groups including digital marketing, pricing and private brand analytics as well as consumer insights. Randy graduated from Ramapo College with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, and received his postgraduate certificate for Marketing Management from Harvard University.
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The Future of Digital Promotion Intelligence

Posted by Randy Malluk on Mar 31, 2016 3:30:54 PM

Performance Assessment

Accurate data collection and analysis are fundamental processes in assessing business performance. Common metrics such as sales revenue, product cost, and profit margin are the basic reporting or accounting components required to measure ‘bottom line’ success. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of organizations employ only ‘Descriptive Analytics’ - the organized reporting of past events - to inform future decision-making, an analytics methodology ill-suited to support the increasing demands of digital customer engagement.

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Retail Marketing in the 21st Century Requires New ‘Millennial’ Technologies

Posted by Randy Malluk on Mar 18, 2014 3:13:11 PM

Retail marketing is perhaps one of the most competitive areas of advertising today. It also happens to be one of the most complex challenges for which retail marketers constantly strive to gain actionable insights, control, and consistent year-over-year improvement.

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Coupon Intelligence: What You're Missing.

Posted by Randy Malluk on Feb 26, 2014 2:48:48 PM

Digital coupons represent a significant component of marketing efforts for most consumer-facing brands. As these brands adopt a new-found focus on the omni-channel consumer experience, it’s now necessary to measure the real effectiveness of digital coupons. Tracking, measuring, and optimizing digital offers, especially when driving digital engagement in store, requires technology that provides intelligence to gain visibility into your consumer’s path to purchase.

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Making "Cross-Device" Work for You

Posted by Randy Malluk on Jan 6, 2014 6:45:06 AM

Consumer use of multiple personal electronic devices continues to increase, and so does cross-device coupon usage. Consumers research products, shop and purchase all on desktop computers, tablets and phones, so being able to deliver timely offers to consumers on their device of choice can boost reach and revenue for digital marketing campaigns. When RevTrax clients added a mobile flow into an existing printable campaign there was a +37% lift in transactions and a +27% lift in overall campaign revenue. Here are a few tips to make sure your cross-device strategy is successful.

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Consumers Willing to Share Data for Discounts

Posted by Randy Malluk on Dec 9, 2013 3:00:46 AM

In today's omnichannel shopping environment, consumers are focused on keeping personal and payment data secure. In a 2013 Harris Interactive poll, 35% of American Internet users indicated they had stopped doing business with a company due to digital data privacy concerns. These concerns can be a disruptive factor in a consumer's path to purchase, which poses a challenge for marketers.

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How Social Media Impacts Holiday Shopping

Posted by Randy Malluk on Nov 20, 2013 4:55:28 AM

Did you know that 55% of Twitter users will use the social media platform to discuss gift ideas this holiday shopping season? Social media has become a place where consumers interact with their brands online. Whether to air grievances, discuss products with other consumers, or stay up to date on the latest deals Social Media has been an ever-evolving platform, and this year it seems that social media will begin to have a truly significant influence on where consumers shop.

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