Consumers Still Prefer to Shop In-Store

Posted by Jonathan Treiber on Nov 12, 2013 4:28:31 AM

storeAccording to new research out from customer experience management firm SDL, there is a 55/45 percent split between consumers that prefer to shop in-store and those that prefer to shop online. Consumer preference was based on the experience in-store, and the exclusive discounts. Taking advantage of door-busters, one-day deals and in-store exclusive offers gives consumers a positive experience. These in-store discounts, sales and coupons make consumers feel as though they are getting a a better price and saving money simply by shopping in-store rather than online.

Bringing consumers in-store allows retailers and brands to use unique technology to target consumers. Using tactics like store mapping, geo-locating and in-aisle mobile offers allow retailers to create a personal experience and build a relationship with the customer while integrating technology.

Are you driving your consumers in-store for the holiday shopping rush?

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