The Overlooked Gold Mine of First-Party Purchase Data

Posted by Jonathan R. Pinney on Mar 5, 2017 4:58:34 PM

How to Create, Capture, & Leverage First-Party Purchase Data to Drive Meaningful Growth (part 1 of 2)

Author: Jonathan R. Pinney

Not all digital coupons are created equal.

You may be asking why that matters in a conversation about data.

It matters because the right digital coupons can provide you with a deep well of first-party data that you can’t get anywhere else. The right digital coupon can tie a specific consumer to the online engagement that activated their purchase intent and resulted in an actual purchase, closing the online-to-offline path-to-purchase loop and giving insight into how other consumers could be activated in a similar way.

Unfortunately, most brands overlook this data or don’t even know it’s available.

Following is how to create, capture, and leverage this often-overlooked gold mine of first-party
purchase data.

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