Brand Direct: The Best Way to Boost CPG eCommerce Performance

Some CPG brands are beginning to realize and embrace the importance of direct to consumer eCommerce, while others are ahead of the game by having their brand sites equipped with these capabilities. Transitioning to an optimized eCommerce experience may seem like a tall order, however, our solutions are intended to help brands hit their goals seamlessly and effectively.

Our Brand Direct solution is specifically for brands who have eCommerce capabilities with the desire to boost performance. With our eComm Brand Direct solution,  your brand can find value in the benefits listed below:

Never Over-Discount Again:


Promotional offers are a powerful marketing tool, however, does everyone deserve the same offer? Sometimes newer consumers need to be incentivized more to purchase than others do. Why deliver the same value to every consumer when some have different price sensitivities? Using our Dynamic, Single-use eComm Codes, you can deploy personalized, optimized campaigns that deliver the appropriate offer to each consumer, allowing your brand to maximize your ROI.  


Protect Against Fraud and Over-Redemption:

Any time a consumer accesses an offer through a paper format, the risk of fraud and over-redemption are prevalent. Although fraud can occur in varying degrees, millions of dollars a year are still lost by virtue of offer over-redemption. We know how important seamless consumer experiences are and what fraud can do to a redemption budget, which is why our patented security and validation features ensure offers are single-use, compatible with any POS system and can be delivered through any channel. 


Administer a Frictionless Shopping Experience:

Our Brand Direct Solution is about boosting eCommerce performance while simultaneously providing a seamless consumer experience on your eCommerce site. We can also take this one step further, to make the experience even easier. Your brand can dispatch our Codeless Offers with personalized pricing and bespoke content which then automatically apply the discount at check out. The goal of this solution is to make it even easier for your consumers to check out, while simultaneously being incentivized.

Providing frictionless ways for consumers to purchase products is a sure-fire way to coax consumers to continuously come back time and time again With so many options for consumers, easy access to products becomes an important value-add to many potential buyers. Therefore, utilizing our Dynamic, Single-use Codes and our Codeless Offers have a focus on being easy not only for brands to implement, but for consumers to use.

If you are interested in our Brand Direct Products, you can reach out to one of our specialists using the form below to learn about next steps needed to get your brand on board!

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