Car Dealerships Need Offline Retargeting to Improve ROI, Increase Sales

Many car dealership marketers today allocate large portions of their budget toward mass media in order to get potential customers in the door to test drive and buy. For instance, General Motors Co. was the fourth largest newspaper advertiser in the US in 2016, spending over $70 million U.S. dollars¹. Unfortunately, mass media is expensive and casts an unnecessarily wide net, which means most viewers aren’t looking to purchase or lease a vehicle.

Savvy dealers are interested in increasing ROI by targeting the right prospects with the right incentive to make the sale, as opposed to providing a single offer to a broad audience. Direct marketing innovation and out-of-the-box techniques used effectively within other verticals like retail, travel, and finance can greatly benefit dealerships and help them stand out from the crowd.



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With offline retargeting, marketers gain the ability to send a targeted, personalized direct mail promotion to select website visitors depending on their online activity at the moment they are most likely to purchase. Because auto dealers tend to attract lower volume, high-quality website leads, they are ideal for offline retargeting.

This online behavioral data, which connect the dots between data and technology, allows marketers to optimize dealer incentives across all channels and keep the message consistent.


How does offline retargeting work?

Offline retargeting combines the data-driven marketing benefit of digital purchase intent behavior with the tangible permanence of direct mail. Based on the customer’s online behavior, data science informs the marketer of the user’s stage of the buying cycle. This information makes it possible to send the right promotion at the right time via the U.S. Postal Service to a prospect’s mailbox. The concept is similar to online retargeting but delivered within a much less saturated environment.

To prioritize privacy, RevTrax partners with a third-party provider that matches website visitors with a physical address. Brands anonymously send direct mail promotions to prospects and measure conversions without receiving or retaining any physical address information. Dealerships can integrate offline retargeting into their existing website by adding a simple RevTrax script.

Offline retargeting combines advanced customer segmentation and data analytics techniques to maximize the impact of your existing direct mail efforts. Increase your conversion rate, reach interested prospects, and minimize the amount of untargeted direct mail that you send out.


Jonathan Treiber is the CEO & Co-founder of RevTrax

¹ Advertising Age – June 26, 2017, page 25 –

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