CPG Marketers Can Increase Brand Awareness with Three O2O Strategies

Marketers at CPG brands trying to get a foothold in the market must always keep brand awareness at the top of mind. Today, 40% of a brand’s eCommerce revenue comes from 8% of its shoppers¹, mostly repeat customers. While brand loyalty is more significant in other industries, CPG brands can invest in modern technologies and implement marketing strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

Competing with established brands can be a challenge, but using online-to-offline (O2O) marketing strategies is an effective way to generate brand awareness and convert visitors into customers. Smart offers, high-value offers, and print-at-home offers are just three O2O techniques CPG marketers can use to drive results.


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Leverage First-Party Data with Smart Offers

Redemption data is fundamental to understanding when and where customers are engaging with your offers. Serving up serialized digital smart offers can unlock valuable first-party data and deliver insights on individual purchase data. CPG brands can then combine online and offline purchase data across channels to shape marketing campaigns and brand awareness efforts.

Additionally, redemption data from digital offers can be used to understand every aspect of a customer’s path-to-purchase as this information helps tie online and offline consumer behaviors together. CPGs can tailor offers to specific consumers and develop consumer-based marketing campaigns using smart offers that increase offer redemption rates.

The RevTrax platform ensures that first-party data generated from your brand’s promotional campaigns fully integrate into your data management platform (DMP), customer relationship management (CRM) software, or marketing cloud to maximize ROI and grow brand awareness for your organization.

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High-Value Offers That Deliver Audience Insights

CPG brands can include serialized barcodes on high-value print-and-mail coupons that track analytics such as offer-value, creative, and distribution channel. Marketers can then measure the redemption rates sent out to the target demographic, and create a network of engaged loyal customers that will redeem your offers again and again.

Leading yoghurt brand noosa leveraged the power of high-value offers to drive brand awareness. The company gave the audience an option to print instantly or sign up to receive a mailed coupon. Both offers included serialized barcodes to help marketers understand where and how audiences were engaging with the offers.

In addition, the ability to share the promotion on social networks allowed noosa to increase brand awareness through users’ connections. Both ongoing programs drove engagement, product trials, and CRM sign-ups, and allowed marketers to track second- and third-generation redemptions.

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Print-At-Home Offers To Build Brand Loyalty

Given that they are easily redeemable in-store, print-at-home offers are among the most popular offers CPG marketers can use to engage shoppers throughout the online-to-offline purchase journey.  Delivered digitally, promotions include serialized barcodes for better redemption data insights to drive future campaigns.

In many instances, brands will feature bonus offers along with the primary print-at-home offer for cross-selling and brand-building opportunities. Additionally, the smart print-at-home offers are fully trackable to build first-party data, and ultimately brand loyalty through offers that meet the customer’s needs.

Brands can distribute print-at-home offers on their website, along with paid search, social media, and email to maximize reach. Use multiple channels to engage new audiences and encourage them to redeem thee offer. If they are satisfied with the product, they’re more likely to become repeat customers.

To learn more about how a leading CPG brand increased brand awareness using RevTrax solutions, download your copy of the Noosa case study or contact us today.


Jonathan Treiber is the CEO & Co-founder of RevTrax

¹  https://blog.smile.io/repeat-customers-profitable-stats-to-prove

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