How Retailers Can Drive 100% More Revenue from Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing, in which a business pays a commission referring websites that promote its products, provides retailers with a way to expand their reach using new avenues to interact with potential customers.

The affiliate marketing channel continues to  gain popularity year over year. One study¹, by Forrester Consulting, predicted that affiliate marketing investment would continue to grow by 10.1% every year, reaching a total of $6.8 billion in 2020. This enormous amount refers only to online-to-online sales made through affiliate links, without accounting for online-to-offline purchases.

The same study found that 90% of advertisers rated affiliate programs as important to their overall marketing strategy, with more than 10% of total marketing budget devoted to funding affiliate programs.



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While affiliate programs help marketers expand reach and drive sales at all stages of the consumer journey, there are some problems associated with managing affiliate marketing networks:

1. Finding the right affiliate.

It can be challenging to find the right affiliate to promote a specific retailer: one that has audiences that are similar to yours, but not the same; one that aligns itself with your brand messaging and values; and one that is connected to the industry without being a competitor.

2. Setting parameters.

Both the retailer and the affiliate must have a clear understanding of what specific circumstances will satisfy a commission. Additionally, the brand must ensure that the affiliate understands the messaging, values and restrictions around communications to potential customers.

3. Tracking commissions. 

Attributing sales accurately to affiliates is a significant issue for retailers, particularly those wishing to track sales from digital referrals to in-store purchases. Tracking an online interaction to an online sale is one thing, but measuring online-to-offline conversion from affiliates is extraordinarily tricky without a smart offer system in place.


How to Attribute Your In-Store Sales to Your Online Affiliate Marketers

Trackable smart offers provide a solution to the challenge of accurate attribution tracking, connecting the dots between online interaction and offline purchase. A trackable smart offer is a digital coupon that incorporates unique identifiers that provide information on when and where the offer was downloaded, allowing a retailer to track an in-store sale directly to an affiliate website.

With a reliable way of associating purchases to a specific affiliate, a marketer can not only disburse commissions accurately, but they can also gain insight into the consumer path-to-purchase, and gain data to evaluate the affiliate marketing program on a group or individual affiliate level.

Retailers can have confidence in the ROI of affiliate marketing networks while growing relationships with their affiliates, empowering them to promote in-store offers and generate considerably higher commissions.

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Jonathan Treiber is the CEO & Co-founder of RevTrax


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