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Dynamic Email Tactics to Support One-to-One Marketing

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by Michaela Manning February 12, 2018

More than 3 billion people worldwide maintain active email accounts, giving email a more comprehensive reach than any other marketing channel. However, with almost 250 billion emails sent daily¹, the challenge faced by marketing executives is how to make your brand stand out in a sea of products and offers.

One way to maximize the benefits of email marketing  to really create a one-to-one marketing experience is with dynamic content. Dynamic emails incorporate HTML code that changes based on the end user, including active content that automatically renders personalized, interactive, or customized elements.

At its most basic, a dynamic email would include name customization, so that the first name of the recipient appears in the email content or subject line.

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Is personalizing email worth it?

Data from Experian² shows that brands that included personalization in the subject line had a 27% increase in click rates, 11% higher click-to-open rates and more than double the transaction rate compared to emails without personalization.

Almost 60% of marketing executives agree (statista p.24) that personalization is the email marketing tactic most effective at driving customer conversions, beating segmentation, social media integration, A/B testing and geotargeting.

Common tactics marketers employ to personalize emails include:

  • Send emails to specific groups (54%)
  • Tailor messages (54%)
  • Send triggered emails based on a specific data point (48%)
  • Optimize opens, clicks or send times (34%)
  • No personalization (17%)

However, advances in technology, data science, and behavioral economics have made it possible to take dynamic content much further than simple personalization.

According to Accenture Interactive³, 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from retailers that recognize them by name, which offer relevant recommendations based on past purchases, and that remember their purchase history. All of these actions can be accomplished with a personalized email offer that incorporates not just personalization but is targeted at a specific consumer based on their preferences and purchase history.

Dynamic content is the best way to engage your customers by presenting them with the ideal product at the perfect moment. But how to get the right offer, to the right person, at the right time?

With RevTrax, your brand can send a dynamic, personalized intelligent offer that is specific to the recipient. You can reach each customer with a high-performance targeted offer that loads automatically configured content at the moment the recipient opens the email. Dynamic content is linked to your CRM and can reference not only customer name, but purchase history, product type and offer preference, and other prior brand interactions.

RevTrax can help to drive even better email conversions and maximize the ROI of email marketing campaigns while helping you build first-party data and deliver optimized, omnichannel marketing content.

Integrating seamlessly with your existing CRM or DMP system, RevTrax can help you to make dynamic offers with a minimum of effort while providing invaluable data gathering and analysis services.

Call RevTrax today to create an automatically-distributed email with dynamic content that provides your customers with a personalized intelligent offer, to maximize engagement, conversion, and marketing ROI throughout your email marketing campaigns.


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