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Why You Should Consider Dynamic, Single-Use eComm Codes

Retail, eCommerce, dynamic single-use ecomm codes

by Nick DeStefano June 4, 2020

By having complete ownership of eCommerce stores, retailers have the ability to provide exceptional consumer experiences to their audience. However, an exceptional experience does not mean one size fits all. 

The truth is every consumer does not need the same discount to convert. Some consumers are loyalists and will pay top dollar for your products. Some consumers are loyal to competitor brands and will need to be enticed in order to purchase from your brand. Some consumers are new to your product and may need to be convinced to try your offering.

These instances are common amongst retailers, including our existing clients, leading us to include Dynamic, Single-Use eComm Codes in our eComm for Retail Solution Suite. This product is designed for retailers/eTailers looking to distribute unique, secure offers to their consumers. The value doesn’t stop here, though. There are several reasons retailers find this solution valuable to their business and subsequently to their consumers:

Prevent unwanted sharing and all other forms of fraud:

Dynamic Single-Use eCommerce Codes - Value Prop 1 - secruity image

Unlike their CPG counterparts that are at the mercy of different store POS systems, Retail Brands control their POS systems and have the flexibility to utilize different types of promotional codes. Since our Dynamic, Single-Use eCommerce codes are compatible with any POS system, any retail brand looking to deliver secure offers can utilize this solution. Our patented security and validation features ensure offers are single-use and can be delivered through any channel, as well. Validating these codes assures offers are tethered to one individual, impeding bad actors from sharing offers with others who were not intended to receive them or from redeeming the offer more than once.

Gain important tracking insights of consumer purchase behavior in real-time:

Dynamic Single-Use eCommerce Codes - Value Prop 2 - real-time data

Another benefit Retailers having ownership of their eCommerce sites and POS systems is the ability to capture consumer purchase data in real-time. Coupled with our Power BI dashboard, retailers can compare individual consumer engagement data from one offer to the next to optimize future campaigns. The ability to gain these important tracking insights cannot be understated, as this data can help optimize marketing ROI and build audience segments by determining which offers are the most effective and how consumers interact across your promotional portfolio.

Never over discount again:

Dynamic Single-Use eCommerce Codes - Value Prop 3 - overdiscounting

Security is important in protecting promotional budgets, but so is avoiding over subsidizing offers. Based on over 10 years of consumer purchase insights, our Dynamic, Single-Use eComm Codes, powered by our Artificial Intelligence, empowers brands to distribute dynamic and personalized single-use offers in a controlled environment. By delivering an optimized offer that a consumer will convert on, your brand can better attribute your promotional budget and focus efforts on consumers who may need more of a discount to become an avid purchaser of your brand.

As retail continues to evolve into an online-focused industry, consumers want digital, personalized offers and will find a brand who meets their needs. Brands can take advantage of these consumer trends by providing these offers while simultaneously protecting themselves from fraud and gathering important, actionable data.

To learn more about Dynamic, Single-Use eCommerce Codes, you can visit our website or reach our to our specialists using the form below to take the next steps needed to get your brand on board! 

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