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Announcing The eComm Solution for Retail

Retail, eCommerce, dynamic single-use ecomm codes, code-less ecomm offers

by Nick DeStefano June 9, 2020

A Suite of Solutions Designed to Increase eCommerce Performance and Profits. 

2020 is already a defining year for the future of retail, with the overwhelming focus on eCommerce. According to The Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce, the first quarter of 2020 saw U.S. retail ecommerce estimates increase 14.8% from the first quarter of 2019. As this shift continues to grow and expand, brands need to act fast to keep up with the future of retail by finding effective solutions.

This is why we are excited to introduce our eComm Solution Suite for Retail brands!

This suite of solutions is for any retailer/eTailer looking to improve offer security and grow their eComm business. Retail organizations can find value in the following ways with our suite of solutions:

Eradicate over discounting and maximize profits

Developed with over 10 years of consumer purchase insights, the products in this suite allow brands to deploy personalized pricing to individual consumers.  By determining the price sensitivity of individual consumers, brands can avoid giving a consumer a higher discount when they would have purchased even with a lower promotion rate. Delivering the offers to consumers can be done in a myriad of ways, adding to the versatility and ease brands need to be successful.

Protect your business against fraudulent activities

Controlling the spread of offers intended only for a certain audience will also appeal to retail brands who are interested in protecting themselves against a number of fraudulent activities such as unwanted sharing. One of RevTrax’s main values is providing security to our clients, which can be seen through the offer formats of our eCommerce for Retail suite. Brands can dispense dynamic, single-use and secure offers, through any channel, that are compatible with any POS system. By having these offers tethered to one individual, even if a consumer were to share the offer, the recipient will not be able to access the same discount.

Collect valuable first-party consumer data and own your consumer's path to purchase

eComm for Retail - Value Prop 3 - consumer path to purchase

For Retailers who want to survive and thrive in the future, increasing shopper knowledge by collecting first-party data is one of the most effective ways to get to know your consumers. The collection of this type of data allows brands to leverage these insights to increase their marketing ROI. Our eComm for Retail Solution Suite aids retailers by granting them the ability to utilize offer engagement data in real-time to maximize individual consumer profits and subsequently, overall marketing spend.

Keen brands are privy to the future landscape of retail eCommerce and will do what it takes to provide excellent offers in easy-to-use formats for their consumers. The eCommerce for Retail Solution Suite prepares retail brands to accomplish just that, by providing value to consumers in simple promotions and to brands in actionable data and insights.

Now that we have introduced you to the benefits of our eCommerce for Retail Solution Suite, please click below to contact one of our specialists if you are interested in learning more!

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