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How Retailers Can Benefit From Offline Retargeting Marketing Campaigns

Analytics, Shopper Marketing, Online-to-Offline, Digital Promotions, Machine Learning, Offline Retargeting

by Jonathan Treiber June 18, 2018

Retail marketers are spending a lot of money to attract website visitors while crossing their fingers that these site visitors come into the store. Offline retargeting helps drive customer acquisition by sending website visitors a physical direct mail offer through the US Postal Service. With offline retargeting, you can reach an audience that has already shown an interest in your brand and convert them into customers. An offline retargeting strategy allows you to target lost shoppers – or anyone who leaves a site or abandons a cart – and follow up with a physical direct mail promotion while tracking activation data for measurable ROI and actionable insights.

Marketers have used online display retargeting for some time. After visiting a brand website or reading product reviews, the consumer will later see a display ad related to that brand or product. And there is considerable evidence that retargeting works: one study found that website visitors retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to become customers, and the click-through-rate (CTR) of a retargeted ad is ten times higher than the CTR of a typical display ad.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: What it Means for Marketers [free  PDF white paper]

Offline retargeting has the potential to improve upon digital retargeting results by offering a new means of interacting with a prospective customer.

Benefits of Offline Retargeting

    • Build brand recognition
    • Generate sales
    • More precise retargeting
    • Reach interested prospects
    • Refine marketing segments
    • Measure ROI
    • Create a personalized experience

Direct mail response rates are rising¹: from 3% in 2015 to over 5% in 2016, the highest measured response rate in over a decade. And with offline retargeting, you are reaching out to a potential customer that has already displayed an interest in your product: in sales terms, that is the difference between returning a customer call and making a cold call. With data analytics, targeting can be refined even further, to indicate the customer’s level of intent, and recommend the ideal offer for that individual.

Choosing the correct partner means that offline retargeting can be integrated seamlessly with existing websites while still prioritizing customer privacy. RevTrax Offline Retargeting services empower brands to anonymously send direct mail promotions to website visitors and measures conversion, so marketers always have access to accurate ROI data.

With RevTrax Offline Retargeting, retailers tag their website with a RevTrax script to capture user behavior data and create data hierarchies. This data is analyzed using data science and machine learning, and combined with demographic segmentation to determine the best offer to send at the best time to a particular individual.

RevTrax sends information from the website to a third-party provider, who matches website visitors with physical addresses so that you can forward the ideal available offer to the potential customer.

Offline retargeting has the potential to open an entirely new way to approach an interested individual for conversion to a loyal customer. Applying cutting-edge data analytics and advanced customer segmentation techniques, you can maximize the impact of direct mail retargeting activities to increase sales, reach interested prospects, and create a personalized experience for a customer base that you might otherwise lose.


Jonathan Treiber is the CEO & Co-founder of RevTrax

¹ https://www.iwco.com/blog/2017/01/20/direct-mail-response-rates-and-2016-dma-report/