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Leveraging Targeted Offers for Back-To-School Promotions

Digital Promotions

by Jonathan Treiber July 9, 2018

Smart marketers know that back-to-school (BTS) is the longest shopping event of the year. With the 4th of July now in the rear-view mirror, BTS shoppers have their eye on the horizon and retail marketers need to be ready to leverage targeted offers. 

According to an eMarketer Survey¹, the time frame between July 4th and Labor Day is when most consumers plan on taking care of their BTS shopping. This belief is corroborated by a separate Deloitte study² that says 60% of shoppers purchase their goods in July and 92% of shoppers expect to finish shopping by the end of August.


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Additionally, targeting those early shoppers right now in July is hugely advantageous for retailers. Shoppers who purchase BTS goods before August are likely to spend an average of $532 vs. the $458 spent by late-comers.

And even with the rise of online shopping, in-store sales still dominate back-to-school shopping. The same Deloitte study says 57% of shoppers will go to brick-and-mortar destinations compared with the 21% that are devoted to online shopping. That leaves an undecided population of 22% that retailers can sway with targeted promotions.

This is where RevTrax comes in. We can make targeted and smarter promotions easier for Back-To-School Marketers. Track your offers this Back-To-School season and optimize your efforts every season going forward.

Trackable smart offers provide a solution to the challenge of accurate attribution tracking, connecting the dots between online interaction and offline purchase. A trackable smart offer is a digital coupon that incorporates unique identifiers that provide information on when and where the offer was downloaded, allowing a retailer to attribute an in-store sale directly to any channel: email, websites, social media, etc. Each offer is specific to an individual customer, and that customer’s history is tracked from online offer to offline purchase. Offers can even be automatically tailored to appeal to an individual based on their digital footprint. You can also integrate these offers with your current marketing efforts as well as any CRM system.

With a reliable way of associating purchases to a specific channel, a marketer can gain insight into the consumer path-to-purchase, and gain data to evaluate which channels performed the best for back-to-school promotions.

To learn more about purchase patterns and trends across the brand landscape, download the RevTrax Promotions Benchmarking Report


Jonathan Treiber is the CEO & Co-founder of RevTrax

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