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Leveraging Affiliate Marketing for In-store Sales

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RevTrax partners manage affiliate networks with accurate attribution, increasing affiliate-driven revenue by over 100% in one year.


Connecting the dots between digital spend and digital sales is easy, but connecting digital interactions to in-store purchases can be extremely difficult. A marketer needed to prove the value of digital marketing efforts in driving customer acquisition at physical stores. They also lacked the ability to track a digital click to a specific purchase to accurately manage rev-share compensation to over 5,000 affiliate websites.


RevTrax implemented an affiliate tracking solution for in-store sales. They first created a database of available offers for in-store redemption, and the affiliates participating in the pilot program could access digital offer URLs and publish offers on their websites. RevTrax ensured that the offer codes were secure and unavailable for reposting or fraudulent activities.

RevTrax attached a unique code to each affiliate and included that code on barcoded offers downloaded from that affiliate website, making in-store purchases with that coupon directly traceable back to a specific affiliate. Retailers forwarded redemption information to RevTrax nightly, and RevTrax processed sales data, attributed redemptions to the correct affiliate site along with details on rebate and loyalty-reward programs, and remitted data back to the network via an automated process.


The pilot program returned significantly higher Earnings Per Click (EPC) than the previous ‘offline multiplier’ system, and drove over $2 million of in-store sales in the 30-day pilot window. The marketer rolled out the program to all 5,000 affiliates, and over the following year, achieved a 100% increase in affiliate-driven revenue by adding the RevTrax in-store component.

Learn how to attribute in-store sales to affiliate websites accurately.

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