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Dynamic Promotions for Weather Events

Weather-Trigged Promotions

RevTrax partners leverage weather-based promotions for a 50% decrease in lead time.


A marketer struggled with making weather data actionable for third-party vendors, tying the weather to digital promotions and campaigns. At the same time, the marketer was frustrated by the long lead times required to execute in-store promotions and was looking for a solution that would allow flexible, agile promotion planning and execution. The company’s CFO was interested in reducing excessive discounts, requiring an efficient, customer-centric promotion strategy.


RevTrax used the data activation platform for weather analysis and executed dynamic messaging via multiple digital channels, with geo-specific promotions based on weather data analysis results. The client also used RevTrax promo testing to discern the optimal discount value and price before the promotion was executed for maximum effectiveness.


The retailer benefited with actionable insights on effective promotions based on weather conditions in different markets, and the marketer saw a 50% decrease in lag time between weather analysis and in-market execution. The promo testing solution created a 20% reduction in mark-down expense, contributing directly to gross margin improvements and driving value for the CFO.

Learn how to create agile promotions based on weather conditions.

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