How Our Offer Management Platform Works with Every Email Service Provider

According to Adobe’s annual consumer email survey, email is the preferred vehicle of contact by brands, topping the list for 50% of respondents, nearly 30 points above the second place vehicle – direct mail.   That said, email usage by brand marketers is far from perfect and consumers responding to the survey had a lot of feedback to give on ways that email could be used more effectively.

The biggest consumer frustrations include:

  • An offer that makes it clear that the marketer’s data about me is wrong
  • An email urging me to buy a product or service I’ve already purchased
  • Recommending items that do not match my interests
  • Including offers that have already expired
  • Sending an offer not appropriate to the season
  • Sending offers for things already purchased

We can distill this feedback down to two things – bad data and bad personalization.  Consumers don’t necessarily care (nor should they) about how a marketer’s stack is built and which data components are informing execution in each channel.  They just know the end result is often something that not only misses the mark but also wastes their time by creating a negative brand experience.

At RevTrax, we believe offers created by a marketer need to leverage the latest and greatest data assets (DMP, CRM, CDP) to inform who gets what offer across all digital channels.  The problem is that many marketers often work with a point solution in each channel (ex. an ESP who can serve basic promo codes or barcodes) instead of taking a unified approach to offer personalization, delivery, and measurement.   


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This is where the Offer Management Platform (OMP) comes into play.   When marketers work with our OMP, we dynamically render offer content once the email is opened by communicating with any of our client’s data assets in real-time to figure out who should get what.  This is done with a simple image tag.   Once we determine the offer a consumer should get and render it to them via the image tag, we will automatically surface a secure single-use offer link that is optimized to the consumer’s device so the link cannot be ripped off from the email.   The consumer experience is device-responsive with full support of mobile wallets, so a consumer can simply create a pass to bookmark the offer on an Apple or Android device with one click.  

 This solution works regardless of your email service provider.  You could be working with Oracle, Salesforce, IBM, Cheetah, Epsilon, Adobe or someone else and there’s no partner limitation.  Additionally, activity in your email channel informs the rest of your marketing stack so you can be sure that you don’t give a consumer the same offer more than once and have a unified approach to offer management across all paid and owned channels. 

If you’re looking to learn what kind of results marketers are seeing in email with the RevTrax OMP, check this quick success story below: 

Brand Objectives:

  • Increase email conversion and database growth.
  • Improve channel effectiveness – especially via cross-brand sales.
  • Reduce agency time spent creating multiple email versions.

RevTrax Solution:

  • RevTrax code placed within existing email templates.
  • Dynamic offer content served at the moment of open.
  • Offers delivered for relevant adjacent brands – growing total basket size.
  • Each offer tracked from email segment/open to final retail purchase.

RevTrax Results:

  • +25% Database Growth
  • +30% Increased Cross-Selling
  • +65% Greater Conversion

We’d love to share more.  Please contact us and we can get started helping you do better email offers.


Seth Sarelson is the COO & Co-founder of RevTrax

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