Food & Beverage Industry Discount Trends

How are Food & Beverage Brands Discounting?

Through our ideal discount benchmarking analysis – we have found that Food & Beverage brands are over-discounting by ~15% percentage points. We are finding that this industry is providing more subsidization to their consumers than any other industry. On average, brands in the category are discounting at a rate of 23%. We found that an ideal discount from a units moved and cost per unit moved perspective sits around 8-10%. In fact at this discount level brands were moving almost equivalent amounts of product then the average. This is so interesting because it really goes against everything we know (or think we know) about consumer incentivization.

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Brands are leaving money on the table!

Yes, you read that correctly! Our data shows us that on average, brands are spending almost 40% more than they need to on every unit moved. This statistic in itself is very eye opening to us and is much of the reason why we built our promotional-AI technology. The RevTrax OMP powered by AI enables brands to dynamically serve coupons to consumers based on an individual’s level of price sensitivity. When we tested this for lead consumer goods conglomerate we were able to deliver savings worth $4.7 Million!


Look RevTrax, I get the concept but I can’t just cut offer values in half…

We get that too, and to be clear that is NOT the solution! Not everyone can get by with half the offer value they are used to getting and we know that, our AI does too! What we suggest is to save money where you can on consumers who historically are very price insensitive – where any amount of discount on a product they like will get them to buy. Then on the back end continue to feed those coupon lovers & price sensitive folks with your normal offer to maintain a solid balance.


Honestly this all sounds like a lot of work that I have no time/interest to do.

You’re 50% right, yea it’s a decent amount of work but you don’t have to lift a finger! We are a platform that provides a dedicated team that works to achieve all of your goals. You just sit back and watch 🙂

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