PPC Best Practices: How to Connect Paid Search Offers to In-store Sales Using an OMP

Paid search advertisements benefit both businesses and their prospective customers. Delivering targeted content to a specific audience most likely to buy your brand’s products or services can engage them and ultimately lead to a conversion. While paid search offers are generally redeemed online, marketers can use an offer management platform (OMP) to link paid search offers to in-store sales.

An offer management platform helps pay-per-click (PPC) marketers understand the impact of paid search on a purchase and other relevant conversion metrics, to ensure they optimize campaigns for success.


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Address Customer Needs with Personalized Offers

In today’s environment, personalization is no longer a nice surprise. Rather, it’s an expectation. While personalization tokens are seemingly everywhere, marketers can customize paid ads to meet prospective customers needs and purchase behaviors speaking directly to solving their pain points.

However, the next big challenge was to create paid search offers that were both redeemable and trackable in stores. Trackable data can give marketers the valuable path-to-purchase insights that shape their organization’s marketing strategy. Using RevTrax technology, clients can track network, keyword, creative, and other vital information to connect the paid search offer to the in-store sale.

Integrate Your OMP with a Bid Management Platform to Maximize Campaign ROI

Distributing offers at scale typically starts with an offer management platform. The OMP can help facilitate an omnichannel approach, engaging customers where they are. However, for paid campaigns, bid amounts become an essential part of the equation: “Underbid and your ads will go unseen, overbid and you won’t be maximizing daily lead counts.”

Integrating your OMP with a bid management platform is a great way to optimize your campaigns for a higher return on investment and ensures you find the right balance between ad reach and leads. The RevTrax OMP enables marketers to perform in-flight optimizations (IFO) with the integration. IFOs are essential to the success of campaigns, as marketers can continually test and modify ad copy, creatives, keywords, and other information to ensure offers are reaching the right customers at the right time.

One of RevTrax featured partners, Kenshoo, offers a bid management platform to streamline daily campaign management tasks and get the most from your paid search spend. Pairing Kenshoo’s advanced machine learning models and algorithms with the RevTrax OMP can help you make faster and smarter decisions with high accuracy to make the in-flight optimization decisions that benefit both your brand and your customer through the journey from search to the in-store experience.

Organize Transaction-level Data Across Channels with an OMP

In many instances, offers originating online are redeemed online. However, today’s retailers are working to bring shoppers back into stores, as in-store shoppers are likely to spend more. Also, marketers are looking to gather new paid search insights that encompass the entire path-to-purchase journey.

Leveraging an OMP can help facilitate more control, advanced metrics, and higher cost savings for paid search campaigns. The RevTrax OMP gives marketers a way to measure the global over-redeemer score; or the total amount of bad engagements. In many cases, poor engagement can be defined as the over-redemption of offers. A scoring system can use this data to help determine acceptable scores and ones that should be blocked.

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Beyond a scoring system, transaction-level data can be the foundation for a first-party customer database. Understanding where customers are engaging, how they are engaging, and the transaction process at large is relevant data that can also be used to build out a promotions database that matches the organization’s long-term marketing vision.

Lastly, the OMP enables marketers to connect paid and owned channels on a single platform. Housing all the data in a single location leads to greater organization and more cost savings, as there is no longer a need to manage unique systems for paid and owned channels. Marketers are then able to achieve the ultimate goal of connecting paid search to in-store sales with an organized approach to transaction-level data analysis for future campaigns.

The RevTrax OMP can facilitate personalized offer distribution, an increase in campaign ROI and improved management of transaction-level data to link paid search offers to in-store sales. Uniting the entire path-to-purchase journey on a single platform results in tremendous cost savings and better insights, one of the primary reasons an OMP is an ideal solution to deliver secure, trackable, promotional offers.

To learn more about using RevTrax OMP to connect paid search offers to in-store sales, contact us today.


Jonathan Treiber is the CEO & Co-founder of RevTrax

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