Retailer Specific Codes: Reward Your Retail Partners

Wouldn’t it be nice to know where every single one of your consumers prefers to buy your products? This level of data provides incredible insights into consumer buying behaviors and allows brands to make connections with consumers and retailers like never before. Understanding where consumers like to shop empowers brands to cultivate relationships with consumers by providing them exclusive offers to their favorite retailers and in turn, grows relationships with retailers by pushing extra revenue through their doors.

All the above reasons are why we included Retailer Specific Codes in our eComm for CPG Solution Suite. This product is designed for CPG brands who want to run an eTail-style offer or who want to focus on driving sales to one specific retailer. There are also plenty more benefits to using this product to deliver offers to your consumers:  

Reward Your Retail Partners (Even in Specific Areas):

Some of the most important relationships CPG Brands may have are with their retail partners. For many brands, retailers are the place where consumers buy most of their products. Why not reward your top retailers, considering consumers flock there to make purchases? Retailer Specific Codes allows brands to motivate consumers to shop at the retailers they love by providing exclusive offerings that can’t be redeemed anywhere else. This helps to alleviate overstock at retailers in a tactical manner, leading to quicker restock orders and additional units moved.  Additionally, by recognizing regional interest in their products, brands can geofence offers to certain areas of the country where they feel they can maximize sales.


Eliminate Over-Redemption and Increase Margins:


Retailers have the benefit of ensuring their codes work within their own POS systems and are highly secured. Since these offers are run on our platform, Retailer Specific Codes are equipped with our patented security features, preventing unwanted sharing, over redemption and redeeming offers at a retailer who is not part of the offer execution.

Digitize the Coupon Experience

Due to the vast differences and sometimes limitations in retailer POS systems across the US, most CPG offers are still Print-At-Home. However, with our Retailer Specific Codes, you can say goodbye to the print-at-home format and now deliver offers in digital or mobile wallet formats. This would allow consumers to use their mobile device to redeem offers at the specific retailer the brand decides fits best for this experience.

The consumer experience is paramount. Delivering a personalized, optimized experience helps drive sales and build brand equity. If a consumer has a great experience, they are more likely to return for future purchases and are inclined to share their experience with their networks. According to the Pew Research Center, 81% of Americans own smartphones, and with the constant movement towards mobile-specific experiences, the ability to provide redeemable offers directly on a mobile device is paramount to gaining an edge on your competition.

If you are interested in Retailer Specific Codes, you can reach out to one of our specialists using the form below to learn about next steps needed to get your brand on board!

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