Staples Canada Case Study



In an effort to better understand its online-to-offline marketing efforts, Staples Canada implemented a paid search campaign that linked to: a printable coupon, an online eComm code, or a mobile landing page displaying a barcode. In partnership with omnichannel promotions platform RevTrax® and digital marketing technology Kenshoo, Staples Canada had the ability to trace in-store revenue back to the specific search campaigns and keywords, in real-time. A secondary component of the campaign was to drive brand engagement, traffic, and improve overall SEO to understand how online consumers engage with the Staples Canada Copy & Print brand, both online and offline.


  1. Drive online and in-store sales
  2. Identify keywords that generate the most ROI
  3. Optimize paid search performance in real-time to bid more intelligently and drive higher customer conversion rates and return on ad spend (ROAS)
  4. Uncover deeper insight into customer behavior and redemption patterns


Staples Canada conducted a paid search campaign using RevTrax couponing technology and Kenshoo bid management technology. The paid search promotions linked to a Staples Canada hosted landing page that displayed a RevTrax hosted coupon via an iFrame for the Staples Copy and Print Program. The offer provided $10.00 off a Copy & Print order of $30 or more, to be redeemed in-store or online. Once the coupon was redeemed in-store, Staples Canada sent the redemption data back to RevTrax. The redemption data enabled RevTrax to match search campaigns and keywords to the in-store transactions. With this keyword-level conversion data fed into the Kenshoo platform, campaigns could be optimized to maximize performance by tailoring ad copy and informing bid policies to drive more coupon redemptions, thereby increasing campaign revenue.


RevTrax and Kenshoo’s combined technologies helped drive offline sales while generating data that allowed Staples Canada to attribute in-store sales back to the keyword that drove the conversion. By providing the RevTrax team with that often missing piece of the puzzle, transactional data on the campaign, Staples Canada was able to see the full-circle view of how its campaign performed from online- to-offline.

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