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Are Your Targeted Promotions Personalized? They Should Be.

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by Michaela Manning January 26, 2018

Targeted marketing is a critical component of modern marketing. By using demographic indicators, marketing campaigns can find smaller pools of people who are more likely to become consumers and aim marketing efforts at that group.

Targeted campaigns have much higher levels of engagement than mass marketing efforts, which are directed to the general public. Targeted brand marketing campaigns are more efficient, with a higher ROI, and represent a more efficient use of marketing resources, both in time and money. It would stand to reason, then, that a personalized campaign, with offers crafted to appeal to potential consumers on an individual level, would increase marketing effectiveness even more.

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However, finding a target demographic more likely to respond to marketing campaigns and creating a truly personalized campaign are two very different things. And just as targeted is more effective than mass-market, personalized represents the next step in increased marketing effectiveness.

In today’s connected world, personalization means much more than placing FIRSTNAME tokens in email campaigns. While targeted marketing segments consumers by demographic characteristics, into groups that are more likely to follow through with a final purchase, a personalized one-to-one marketing campaign incorporates incremental purchase data from customers within the same demographic profile.

Increase open rates with personalized email campaigns

For example, EasyJet¹ launched a personalized marketing campaign, driven by data analysis, to mark the company’s 20th anniversary. The campaign entailed the creation of a unique email for each customer that represented an individual story of that customer’s relationship with EasyJet: what was their first trip with the company, for example, followed by suggestions for new destinations.

Over 12 million individualized emails were sent, resulting in 100% higher open rates than a standard company email, with 25% higher click-through rates. The response on social media was overwhelmingly positive, too, with 1.1 million impressions recorded within minutes of the first batch sent, showing 78% positive reactions.

Create emotional connections with customized media  

Cadbury² wanted to introduce a new product line in the Australian market, taking advantage of the emotional connection it hoped that a personalized video message would forge. Cadbury used social media to pinpoint individual’s age, location, and interests and used these indicators to match people to one of twelve different Dairy Milk flavors. People then received videos that integrated their flavor match with their Facebook profile photo, with a hashtag that could be used to share their video with others.

90% of viewers watched their personalized Flavor Match video from beginning to end, and 12.23% shared their video on social media. 65% clicked through to the Cadbury website, and 33% of viewers completed a promotion form to be entered into the Cadbury CRM system.

The online Flavor Match was so successful, it was followed by the Joy Generator vending machine, which matched consumers to a Dairy Milk flavor on the spot, again using social media demographics.

This level of personalization proved extremely useful for EasyJet and Cadbury, but to complete a similar individualized campaign manually would take an enormous investment of time and resources.

Instead, an organization can harness the power of personalized campaigns using tools for individualized personalization offered by RevTrax.

How can you harness the power of personalized promotions?

RevTrax allows a company to create digital promotions that companies can distribute through any form of online media: email, websites, social media, etc. Each offer is specific to an individual consumer, and that consumer’s history is tracked from online offer to offline purchase. Offers can even be automatically tailored to appeal to an individual based on their digital footprint. These offers can be integrated with current marketing efforts as well as any CRM system.

Data is gathered throughout the consumer journey, providing your company with valuable information regarding consumer behaviors. RevTrax provides organizations with the data required to track a specific customer’s path-to-purchase; and in doing so, helps to break down the data into usable insights. Not only can you measure campaign effectiveness and ROI, but you can also maximize efforts at specific points on the consumer journey to drive offline retail and CPG sales and build customer loyalty.

Contact RevTrax today to learn more about the power of individually personalized promotions.


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