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Jonathan Treiber, CEO and Co-founder of RevTrax discusses the biggest changes in promotional marketing in 2020
CEO and Co-founder, Jonathan Treiber of RevTrax explains how the shift to ecommerce among other trends shaped promotional marketing in 2020. Originally part of our Virtual Roundtable Event on The ...
November 12, 2020
Jonathan Treiber, CEO and Co-founder of RevTrax on Challenges promotional marketers may face heading into 2021
Jonathan Treiber of RevTrax touches on how complacency from an innovation standpoint could cause problems for promotional marketers in 2021. Originally part of our Virtual Roundtable Event on The ...
November 12, 2020


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David Rasho, Principal and Co-founder of Access2Insights on the importance of fulfilling consumer’s wants and needs
David Rasho of Access2Insights explains how developing POVs on the biggest industry trends can help brands meet consumer expectations. Originally part of our Virtual Roundtable Event on The Future of ...
November 12, 2020
Recap: The Future of Promotional Marketing Virtual Roundtable
Some of the industry's top talents met to discuss the advancements in promotional marketing technologies, tools and tactics.
November 11, 2020
6 Examples of Behavioral Marketing and Targeting Models
PPD insights will have a lasting impact on determining ideal promotion strategies for brands. We’ve mentioned over the past six months or so, and it’s not an overstatement to say, that COVID has ...
October 6, 2020
How Well Do You Know Your Customer? — The Future of Marketing
Get to know motivation-based personalization and behavioral targeting. For the most part, marketing to consumers has worked in broad strokes in the past. Rudimentary results like how many pages a ...
September 29, 2020
How Previous Customer Behavior is the Key to Future Purchases
Eliminating wasted costs and driving ROI. In the past six months, promotional marketers have faced pressure like never before to improve profitability. The economic strains brought on by the COVID-19 ...
September 22, 2020
Why Motivation-Based Personalization Matters During COVID-19
Brands need more sophisticated ways to market, target and engage consumers. COVID has created such an economic upheaval, crashing through countless industries and sectors, that the continued ...
September 15, 2020
Predictive Purchase Data: Leverage over a decade of consumer behavioral insights to deliver better performing offers and incentives
Brands that offer motivation-based personalization can increase their profits by up to 15% The disruption caused by COVID-19 has impacted consumers in a myriad of ways forcing brands to adapt on the ...
September 9, 2020
How Personalization Will Be More Important for Retailers During (and After) COVID-19
What will the American retail landscape look like in six months? What will it look like in 12 months — or in a couple of years? At this point, these are unanswerable macro questions for an industry ...
May 20, 2020
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