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Grow & Leverage First-Party Purchase Data for Meaningful Growth
Uncover Truer Insights with Behavioral Economics & Silent Observation
July 21, 2017
The Overlooked Gold Mine of First-Party Purchase Data
How to Create, Capture, & Leverage First-Party Purchase Data to Drive Meaningful Growth (part 1 of 2) Author: Jonathan R. Pinney Not all digital coupons are created equal. You may be asking why ...
March 5, 2017


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Taking the Mystery Out of Measuring Social Promotion Effectiveness
The Unique Power and Value of Social Promotions Social Promotions have a special ability to drive trial and loyalty far beyond other types of digital coupons – by combining the activation power of a ...
September 13, 2016
How to personalize and target promotions without a CRM program
Introduction Every brand team knows that certain messages resonate with a target audience while others do not. After all, finding and delivering the appropriate message to the appropriate audience is ...
August 15, 2016
OfferArchitect™: The New Paradigm for Digital Offer Testing
Introduction Building an effective digital offer is no easy task, with many different aspects going into it.  Of course, there is the finance side: figuring out budgets and the best discount for your ...
June 28, 2016
How to Measure & Compare the Real Distribution Costs of Promotions
Freestanding Insert (FSI) Distribution Holds On – But How? Promotions industry executives, and self-declared pundits, often claim that the demise of the printed freestanding insert is imminent, soon ...
March 31, 2016
The Future of Digital Promotion Intelligence
Performance Assessment Accurate data collection and analysis are fundamental processes in assessing business performance. Common metrics such as sales revenue, product cost, and profit margin are the ...
March 31, 2016
How to write a ‘killer’ digital coupon request-for-proposal
Introduction RevTrax often receives and answers requests for proposals (RFP) from consumer package goods companies looking for a digital coupon provider. The irony? We dedicate an extraordinary ...
March 31, 2016
The Art & Science of Personalized Offers
Offer Types Targeted and personalized offers have much higher levels of engagement versus anonymous ‘spray-and-pray’ incentives. Targeted and personalized offers are closely related but they are not ...
March 31, 2016