Announcing The eComm Solution for CPG

A Suite of Solutions Designed to Establish and/or Grow Your eCommerce Business

 eCommerce was already trending upwards, however, over the past few months it has scaled up to roughly 30% of all sales in the US. It’s not only imperative for retail brands to utilize online shopping, CPG brands are embracing this trend as well. While no one could have anticipated this rapid shift in the market, it has become a reality that has left some companies scrambling to find solutions.

This is why we are happy to introduce our eComm Solution Suite for CPG brands!

 This suite of solutions is intended for CPG brands that either do not have D2C eComm capabilities, want to run offers through specific retailers or want to optimize their existing eComm business. With our suite, CPG organizations can solve a plethora of problems:

Easily Set Up eCommerce Capabilities or Enhance Your Existing eCommerce Business:

CPG companies typically have to rely on retailers to not only promote their brand, but also as the sole place where consumers can purchase their products, until now. The products in this solution suite allow brands to achieve several key metrics. Brands can improve their marketing efforts and ROI by gaining insights into their consumer’s path to purchase through an eCommerce experience. Securely and intelligently, brands can also acquire new customers and/or incentivize existing customers. Offer delivery can be provided in various formats as well, providing additional flexibility to choose from.

Increase Offer Protection and Profit Margins:

Providing security is one of the core benefits of working with RevTrax. In an industry that experiences millions of dollars a year in fraudulent offer usage, we help mitigate the impact on your bottom line. Utilizing any of these products can reduce fraud, eliminate over discounting and drive revenue with personalized, secure offers delivered at the ideal offer value for your customer and your business.

Acquire Deep Knowledge into Your Consumer’s Path to Purchase:

First Party data is the most important data a brand can collect because it comes directly from the intended audience. Since this data comes directly from consumers, brands are able to trust its relevance and accuracy. However, the data is not nearly as effective when it is siloed, preventing brands from creating cohesive profiles of their consumers. Our eCommerce Solution Suite helps to combat this issue by closing the loop. The products we have engineered allow a brand to gain a 360-degree view of the customer by understanding your audience’s triggers, price sensitivity, preferred channels and more!

Astute companies understand that technology and innovation are the keys to both delivering the types of experiences consumers expect and to staying ahead of the competition. The eCommerce for CPG Solution Suite provides solutions that are tailored to the evolving needs of both consumers and CPG brands.

Now that we have introduced you to the benefits of our eCommerce for CPG Solution Suite, please click the button below to contact one of our specialists if you are interested in learning more!

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