How Email Marketers Can Prevent Coupon Fraud Using an Offer Management Platform

By simply forwarding an email offer to friends and family, consumers can quickly distribute unsecured offers for redemption, costing businesses valuable revenue. However, email marketers can prevent fraudulent coupon distribution using an offer management platform (OMP) to deliver secure single-use offers.

Offer management platforms have several benefits for marketers including more control, data-driven insights, and cost savings. Beyond securing offers, marketers want to improve offer redemption rates through personalization, although they find customizing emails to be a tedious and time-consuming process. Using an OMP, marketers can send out device-responsive dynamic email offers at the moment of open delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.


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Deliver Dynamic Email Offers with an Offer Management Platform

Dynamic emails give marketers an opportunity to engage with interested prospects on a personal level. Brands can send customized promotions based on user behaviors, interests, or needs. Recently, a retailer used RevTrax technology and actionable insights to deliver weather-triggered promotions such as raincoats in rainy weather, boots in snowy weather, and shorts in sunny weather.

The ability to send secure, personalized email offers that are device-responsive is a game-changer for marketers everywhere. Hours are no longer wasted developing segments, crafting campaigns, or drafting the perfect email to resonate with particular customers, only to find out an unsecured offer was abused costing a brand millions. The RevTrax Offer Management Platform for email is compatible with both customer relationship management (CRM) tools and email service providers (ESP). Shoppers can even store redeemed offers in their mobile wallets saving the hassle of searching their email inbox when it comes time to redeem their offer in store.

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Benefits of an Offer Management Platform in Email Marketing

While marketers have embraced the need for an omnichannel marketing strategy, offer management platforms help ensure that offers are not abused, regardless of the redemption channel. This is especially true of email offers, which can be easily distributed if left unsecured. The RevTrax OMP gives marketers several advantages over traditional offer distribution methods including enhanced control and security, trackable insights, and cost savings.

Enhanced Control and Security

  Although the OMP generally limits the forwarding capability of offers regardless of channel, email offers will be voided if forwarded. In addition, the RevTrax platform includes enhanced security measures that are fully configurable to meet your business needs and objectives. Security features include:

  •      User-level security
  •      Offer access security
  •      Fingerprint security
  •      Physical offer security
  •      Security at Point of Sale (POS)

Trackable Insights


Given that offers are protected through unique, secure codes, RevTrax technology enables marketers to understand every step of the customer’s path-to-purchase journey. Dynamic email offers can include personalization tokens, relevant offers, and individualized barcodes for redemption. These serialized barcodes contain information about the user, their engagement channel, and how they engaged with your brand throughout the conversion process from initial online contact to in-store purchase. Using first-party data, you can build a promotions database to fulfill long-term marketing goals.


Cost Savings


Knowing how your customers are responding to email offers is beneficial in shaping marketing strategy. Often, marketers who don’t have actionable insights are left guessing, launching promotional offers that may or may not be successful. Marketers who leverage audience data can use dynamic emails to their advantage, controlling what offers specific contacts receive.

Preventing coupon fraud is a challenge many marketers have been trying to solve. An offer management platform that can send secure email offers through integrations with your ESP and CRM can facilitate the quick distribution of promotions, while ensuring there is no over-redemption. The technology allows for customers to store offers in their mobile wallets and deliver the insights marketers desire. Offer management platforms, like the solution from RevTrax, prove to be mutually beneficial for all parties involved while achieving the ultimate goal: stopping fraudulent offers in their tracks, one redemption at a time.

To learn more about preventing email coupon fraud with an offer management platform, download our secure dynamic codes case study or contact us today.


Jonathan Treiber is the CEO & Co-founder of RevTrax

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