2020 Year in Review: Product Releases

The disruptions brought on by the Coronavirus transformed consumer shopping habits and forced brands to adapt swiftly to accelerating trends. Not all companies were ready and able to pivot on the fly which was why we released products that positioned brands for success. Our eComm solution allowed brands to quickly capitalize on the rise of eCommerce and our Predictive Purchase Data solutions gave brands the ability to engage consumers in a hyper-personal way with Behavioral Targeting and Segmenting.

Through our solutions, our clients seamlessly deliver delightful customer experiences, drive marketing efficiency and more sales at higher margins. Learn more about the products released in 2020 below.


Predictive Purchase Data


Although one-size-fits-all promotions are the norm, they are not the most effective way to get a high return on investment. Consumers are looking for personalized experiences and delivering promotions based on previous behaviors will encourage conversions more than generic ones. With Predictive Purchase Data (PPD), brands can utilize previous purchase behaviors to target consumers individually resulting in a rise in new business, repeat customers, engagement, and other key metrics.

Leverage over a decade of consumer behavioral insights to deliver better performing offers and incentives, effectively eliminating wasted costs and driving campaign ROI. PPD helps brands:

  1. Increase conversions, loyalty and sales with predictive behavioral targeting
  2. Improve consumer journeys through motivation-based personalization
  3. Realize the full potential of your audience data and determine ideal promotion strategies

For further information regarding the benefits of PPD and what solutions this product can help solve, visit any of the links above or reach out to one of our specialists.


eReceipt Rewards


eReceipts 600x600

The pandemic forced many retailers to shutter their doors and adjust to new consumer preferences. Consumers were forced to shift towards digital shopping and eCommerce leaving many brands without D2C. Many brands’ eCommerce capabilities were unable to take advantage of these trends. This is why we released eReceipt Rewards. eReceipt Rewards allows brands to deliver consumer offers redeemable at any online retailer without third-party dependencies or technology integrations.

Drive sales, enhance audience intelligence and deliver dynamic offers with eReceipt Rewards:

  1. Support your business and retail partners
  2. Increase shopper knowledge
  3. Deliver smarter overs via RevTrax AI

For further information regarding the benefits of eReceipt Rewards and how your brand can utilize this solution, reach out to one of our specialists to learn more.


The RevTrax eComm Solution for CPG and Retail


With the rapid adoption of eCommerce brought on by COVID-19, many brands were unable to deliver the digital shopping experience consumers crave. This is why we created our eCommerce Solution for CPG and Retail. It enables brands without D2C eCommerce to quickly create and optimize one.


 For additional information into how each solution within our eCommerce suite can assist in your eCommerce efforts, you can click any of the blog links above or speak with a specialist today.

To help our clients meet growing and changing consumer expectations, we released several products aimed at easing the rapid shift in strategy that brands needed to execute to stay afloat. As 2021 approaches we will be working on further product innovations, aimed at delivering the tools our clients need to succeed in this new environment. Stay tuned for more product innovations in the coming months.

We invite you to reach out to one of our specialists if you have questions about how RevTrax can help your brand heading into 2021. Wishing everyone a happy, health and safe holiday season and New Year. See you in next year!

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